A Brief Introduction…

My name is Elizabeth. I am a 21-year-old Pre-Physical Therapy student at Chapman University in Southern California.

Last June, I traveled to Paros, Greece for an intensive three week total emersion yoga training program in Transformational Hatha and Vinyassa with Irana Ji An. I have been practicing yoga with varying levels of intensity since I was 16-years-old.

I was originally drawn to yoga for the physical side of the practice and the general persona that surrounds the industry. I have deepened my practice and invested my interest in it because of the spiritual side of the practice and the changes it has created in my day-to-day life.

After I took the leap to becoming a certified instructor, I emerged from my ‘yoga boot camp’ with some new perspectives on the modern world of yoga. Thus, this blog was born as a platform for me to share some of my research and personal insights with all of you.

What I’m trying to achieve…

This space is built to be both critical and educational. As a recently certified “instructor” I wish to spread awareness to the average yoga student about how dangerous yoga can be.

Really? Like what? You stretch a little too much?”

(this is a direct quote from my boyfriend when I told him about this topic last night)

Yes! Yoga can be extremely dangerous. From pulled hamstrings, to shoulder dislocations, to fractured spines, when approached in a careless manner yoga can create more injuries than it heals. These injuries don’t even have to come from a specific instance either. The most common yoga injuries are those created by little habits that when repeatedly practiced create problems overtime.

Not only is it a person’s personal responsibility to be wary when practicing yoga, but there is a massive amount of responsibility placed on the instructor as well. Here is a major source of controversy for modern day yoga. With yoga teacher training programs becoming a profitable business for organizations, more and more “teachers” are being pumped out with less and less knowledge of yoga or safety precautions. Many yoga companies have adopted a ‘You give us thousands of dollars and we’ll give you a diploma’ mentality.

As someone hoping to enter the field of injury rehab through Physical Therapy, I want to combine my two fields of interest to create a safer physical practice for an average yoga student.

Signing Off…

It would be naïve of me to pretend that 21-years of life experience and 6-years of yoga experience makes me any kind of expert on any subject. That is why I am dedicated to research and a growing knowledge base. This post on September 8, 2016 is just a starting point for me as I hope to work and develop this website throughout my growth as a yogini and rehabilitation professional.


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