Where to Begin…


In my opinion, these are the most common misconceptions about yoga:

  • You have to spend a lot of money


  • You must have a “yoga bod”



  • You need to be flexible



  • It’s only for rich, white women


I get it. Yoga studios and/or gym memberships are expensive (and usually over-flowing with wealthy, white women decked out from headband to mat in Lululemon). If you feel too intimidated or do not have the financial means to go to yoga classes, then I recommend exploring the many options available on the internet.

To get you started, here is a video from a Youtube yogini who is doing an incredible job at delivering her yoga knowledge to people of all backgrounds and identities.


Why this video is superb…

Presentation and Content: 

The success of this video can be attributed to both its content and its delivery. In all of her videos, Adrienne moves slowly and deliberately through poses (or asanas).  She presents herself as a reliable source of guidance and knowledge. Most importantly, she demonstrates a clear commitment to safety.

In the description section of her video there is a link to her Foundations of Yoga series in which she goes through the asanas individually so that the viewer can fully understand the posture. This is an incredible resource for beginner yogis who are unfamiliar with safe yoga practice techniques.

Although it is not included in this video, the majority of her videos also include a link to the Yoga with Adrienne website. Here you can find her blog, clothing company, more videos, and a forum for online conversation among yoga enthusiasts.



Youtube yoga instruction videos are free. With just a computer and a wifi connection anyone can turn their living room into a studio.

This access has changed the way that yogic teachings are circulated. Now more than ever before we are encountering people who are “self-taught” yogis.

The only addition that I would like to see from Adrienne’s videos is a written list of the yoga sequence. I believe that developing a personal at home practice is crucial to embodying the yoga lifestyle and having a set sequence that you can practice without the queues of the online teacher would be extremely helpful.



A brief glance at the comments on any of the videos depicts a wide array of people who watch and support the series.

One African American man comments how thankful he is for discovering yoga and having it help him feel comfortable at 240lbs to begin exercising.

Another young girl describes how yoga has changed the way she handles stress.

Youtube yoga channels have made yoga accessible to people who often times would financially and/or socially be left out of the studio. This video has been made the physical yoga practice accessible to people of all genders, race, ages, etc.


Personal Interaction:

There is a large amount of interaction between Adrienne and her online students. In the description section of the video there is a link to sign up for a daily 30 Days of Yoga Email. This email service, the Youtube comments, and the Yoga with Adrienne website forum creates a community of yogis that can interact with each other and discuss anything and everything about yoga. Adrienne will leave her own comments on the videos in response to those of the viewers and takes ideas from her students for future videos.



This video is one of her most popular with over 7 million views and 61 thousand likes. This makes the video easy to find as it will be near the top of the page when searched. This is how I originally found it because I hoped that the large number of viewers meant that the video had to have some credibility.


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