Creating a Wikipedia page for Jessamyn Stanley

Why Jessamyn Stanley deserves a Wikipedia page…

This past week I attempted to create a Wikipedia page for Jessamyn Stanley. For those of you who do not know who this goddess of a yogi is, Jessamyn is a plus-sized, African-American yoga instructor in North Carolina. Over the past couple of years she has become an online celebrity in the yoga community for her digitally documented practice and body-positivity advocacy.

A week has not gone by over the past couple of months that I have not seen a video of her practice or an article about her work on the various yoga social media pages that I follow.


For some more of her inspirational work check out her Youtube channel or follow her on Instagram @mynameisjessamyn


I believe that Stanley deserves a Wikipedia page because she is leading a new movement for the western world of yoga. She teaches students to priorities “how they feel” over “how they look”, a message that in my opinion has been lost in the capitalist takeover of the yoga image.

My experience creating the page…

I have created one Wikipedia page before and I can tell you it isn’t easy. A great deal of research has to go into the preparation and then time for formatting the information to the Wikipedia standards.

The most important part about creating a page is justifying why this person matters to the greater encyclopedic community. With this article I am unsure whether or not it will go through to publishing because of the nature of Jessamyn Stanley’s fame. Her contribution to the yoga community is less based on books and new sequences and more centered on principals and inspiration. This was challenging for me to convey and I think it will be challenging for the Wikipedia editing team to confirm.

It takes about three week for Wikipedia to process newly submitted articles so keep on the look out for a new one coming to the internet near you.   


Just for you…

Here is a copy of my article so you can read and decide for yourself whether it is Wikipedia worthy. [Leave me comments with any recommendations that you have for improvement, they are greatly appreciated]

Jessamyn Stanley is a plus-sized, African American yoga instructor at the Durham Yoga Company in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Through social media, she has gained a great deal of popularity for her pictures in various yoga poses and body-positive advocacy.


Stanley is a self-described “fat femme” and working to change common misconceptions about beauty within the yoga community[1]. Her interviews, blog, and social media teach readers about the fundamentals of yogic beliefs, as well as redefining stereotypes for plus-sized, African American women.


Jessamyn Stanley first began to gain attention in 2014 for her Instagram documented yoga practice. Since then, her following has grown to include, as of right now, over 231,000 followers. She currently teaches Vinyasa yoga in North Carolina and travels across the country teaching yoga and body-positive workshops.

Stanley first started practicing yoga in 2011 at Bikram or hot yoga studios.[2] When the cost of going to studios became too great, she started practicing at home and documenting the progress of her practice online. With her Youtube channel and blog, Stanley advocates for students to gain access to yoga without spending a great deal of money, showing her followers how to start an at home practice and use household items as props.

On November 12, 2016, Stanley will be teaching a body-positivity workshop at YJ LIVE in Florida[3]. Articles about her work can be found in the Yoga Journal, Bustle, Lenny Letter, Mind Body Green, Bust,[4] and more. She has also appeared on Good Morning America[5]New York Magazinethe Huffington Post. She was recently featured in the October 2016 Special Edition Newsweek “Yoga Life” magazine and in the June 2016 issue of Glamour magazine[6]. She has also launched a new app through Cody entitled “Everybody Yoga”. This app gives users access to Stanley’s yoga classes online and is geared toward beginner practitioners.



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