New Yoga Website

Hey there online yogis!

I am currently developing a yoga website and wanted to share some of my  ideas with all of you.

The Vision…

This site will be a tool for people looking to gain a strong understanding of the basics of yoga. It will be the most beneficial to people who are brand new to yoga, however it will also be a great tool for seasoned practitioners who want to go back to basics and strengthen the foundations of their practice.

One section of the site will be solely dedicated to the Asanas. Here there will be step by step direction for how to get in and out of poses and which poses are easiest to flow together into a full sequence. There will be pictures, videos, GIFs, and written descriptions for the poses.

Another page will be called Yoga Lifestyle. This section will be a resource for readers to learn how to implement yoga into their daily life. Some topics covered will be conscious eating habits, how to begin an at home practice, and how to stay mindful in a fast moving and technology obsessed world.

There will be a discussion area in which online yogis can interact with each other. This area is meant to create a mindful space in which fellow yogis can join together to form an online community.

The purpose of this site is to both educate and bring together different people who all share an interest in yoga. It will be both a primary source and a portal for users to find further information from other sources.

I’m really excited about this project and couldn’t help but share it will all of you so be on the look out and more information will be coming soon!



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